Can I Get My HVAC, Electrical, or Automotive Tech Training Online?

You can study HVAC, Electrical, or any other trade online. If you’re considering doing so you might want to consider an in-person training instead. Here’s why.
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The quick and easy answer to this question is that yes, you can get vocational training online. However, a better question you might want to ask yourself is: is it worth it to get an HVAC, Electrical, or Automotive Tech training online? That answer might be a little different for the simple fact that these types of trainings are much better taught in person and require a lot of hands-on training. You may not want to physically attend classes due to time or schedule constraints, but trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

Why You Should Get an HVAC, Electrical, or Other Training From a Trade School

Reason #1: it’s impossible to convey certain techniques, theories, and practices over the internet. We work with our hands a lot and that’s impossible to do over the internet.

Reason #2: all trades require practice, and a trade school can facilitate real-life experience that employers look for.

Reason #3: in-person training allows for questions and immediate answers. Concepts are better explained from an instructor in person.

Reason #4: it’s far easier to stay dedicated to something you are physically required to attend.

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A quote from the New York Times article on classroom learning says:

“A face-to-face meeting in a classroom imposes accountability, inspires effort and promotes academic responsibility in subtle ways that we don’t fully appreciate. On a campus, students attend class and stay alert because they worry what the teacher will think if they don’t.”

Have you always wanted to work in a trade? At Rosedale Technical College, we offer a variety of trade educations such as truck driving, HVAC tech, automotive tech, electrical tech, and more! You’re likely wondering what the fastest way is to make your dreams a reality. We understand that as an adult it can be difficult to put your own needs first when you’re dealing with finances, family, and everything else we all deal with. With that being said, it’s not impossible to make your dreams a reality. That’s why most people turn to online degrees instead of in-person classes. We’re here to tell you that while online classes may be a very good option for some people, studies have shown that in-person courses are better overall.

In addition to the benefits of an in-person training listed above, you might consider how difficult your training may or may not be. While we personally feel that trade school can be more rewarding and engaging than traditional college, it also can become difficult if you don’t have an instructor there in front of you demonstrating.

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No matter where you live, your state or city will still require that you meet a certain amount of training hours and then pass a test in order to get your certification and begin working. So you can spend those hours in front of a computer, trying to find real-life projects to work and practice on or you can attend a trade school. A trade school will take a lot of the work of finding ways to practice your trade off your shoulders. They will also be able to correct and assist you in your technique.

Online schools may seem like a quick way to prepare to take a state test, but you may find that learning from professionals in a classroom and workshop setting to prepare you a little better. You can read more about it at

How to Make an In-Person Training Possible With Rosedale

Still not convinced? The struggles of a working student are extremely valid. Because we at Rosedale Technical College want each and every one of our students to reach their potential we offer both day and night classes. It’s not always easy to make a normal school schedule work, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. You can check out our programs and their schedules here.

A few other ways we’ve tried to make your schooling as easy as possible are:

We know that in-person training for things like HVAC, Electrical tech, Automotive tech, and others can be far better than online. It’s just the nature of the training. If you think you’d like to learn more about our programs and their schedules you can always reach out to an admissions officer at 800-521-6262, or fill out this form. We’d love to make your journey into a vocational career as easy as possible!

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