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Higher education can be a risky investment in today’s society. It can come at a high cost with a low return in terms of tuition, additional fees, and value depending on the education path one may choose. It’s no wonder many are rethinking the pursuit of higher education, especially when they aren’t sure if it will have a good return on investment.

Your time is important, so why waste it spending your money on high-priced courses that aren’t going to help you succeed in life (like Cryptozoology, for instance)?

What if there was an education option that provided focused career training, took less time to complete, cost less, and had the potential to lead to a career with high earning potential and endless job opportunities?

The good news is that this option exists.

Trade schools, also known as technical colleges or vocational schools, offer specialized job-specific training for career paths with serious demand. What used to be an education option with a bad stigma, trade school education has evolved into an option for individuals who like to work with their hands and troubleshoot highly technical problems. More and more students are seeing the value it can bring to one’s life and the high earning potential these industries can offer graduates who have developed the technical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce.

So rather than asking why a trade school, maybe the question that should be asked is why not?

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Trade school, also known as a technical college or vocational school, provides job-specific courses and hands-on experience to prepare students faster and more effectively for a career in trade services. This education is at the secondary or post-secondary level.

Trade School vs. Four-Year College

Is trade school better than traditional four-year colleges and universities? The answer depends on your desired career path.

Here’s a quick comparison of both to help you make the best decision for your future:


Training typically can be completed in Two Years or Less on Average

Graduate with More Industry-Specific Experience

Lower Tuition Rates, averaging about $33,000 Total for Two Years

Begin Earning Faster


Receive a Broader Education

Higher Tuition Rates, averaging about $43,000 for Four Years at an In-State Public University (not including out-of-state costs or room and board)

Takes Four or More Years on Average to Complete

Takes Longer to Gain Experience after Graduation

Why Not a Trade School?

A four-year college program is ideal for career fields that require a certain level of education. However, if you don’t feel like that’s your calling, consider a trade school instead to save time and money as well as jump right into a fulfilling career with high earning potential.


Are you tired of sitting in an office all day or looking for a job that can be fun and challenging? Once you graduate from trade school, your career possibilities can be endless! After a few years in the field, some students even become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

Career Outlook for the Trades

Careers in the trades have proven to be essential to society and tend to have more job security than many other industries because there is always demand.

Let’s look at some numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that show where the previous jobs stood in 2020 and their projected growth over the next ten years.

For reference, the average growth rate for all occupations is 8 percent.

  • Automotive Technician: 703,800 jobs with no projected growth change
  • Collision Repair Technician: 173,400 jobs with a 6% projected growth rate
  • Diesel Technician: 275,400 jobs with an 8% projected growth rate
  • Electrician: 729,600 jobs with a 9% projected growth rate
  • Electric Lineman: 240,300 jobs with no projected growth rate
  • HVAC Mechanic: 380,400 jobs with a 5% projected growth rate
  • Welder: 418,200 jobs with an 8% projected growth rate
  • Industrial Technician: 64,100 jobs with a 4% projected growth rate
  • CDL Driver: 1,951,600 jobs with a 6% projected growth rate


If you are still asking, “Why should I go to trade school?” then keep reading to learn five reasons you might want to rethink going to a trade school like Rosedale Tech.

Face-to-Face Learning Experience

If online education is something that you’re looking for, Rosedale Technical College is not the place for you. We are proud to continue offering our students in-person learning experiences.  In addition, Rosedale Tech strategically works to offer students an intimate classroom setting, limiting the number of students in each classroom when we can.  This allows for more opportunities for one-on-one time with instructors if needed.

Affordable Education

The cost of higher education can be a pricey investment, especially when you consider the duration of time needed to complete a program.  While Rosedale Tech is not the cheapest option for trade school education, the quality of education is one that is nationally recognized.  If cost is your only priority, we’re probably not the right place for you.

While the cost of our technical training varies by program, financial aid is available to those who qualify.  We accept a number of loans, grants, and scholarships to help make school more affordable.  In addition, students may be eligible for one of our institutional grants that can help make trade schools more affordable.

Our financial aid team works with each student to create a custom financial aid plan to make the overall investment less scary. Also, a number of the employers we work with offer some sort of tuition reimbursement or other benefits.

Training for Careers, not just Jobs

The real-world training received at Rosedale Tech can prepare students for the start of a lifelong career. In addition to the training, students have a chance to network with employers while in school through a number of ways, such as career fairs, mock interviews, employer presentations, and field trips to name a few. These connections, along with the support of the Student Success Team, have helped students find employment upon graduation (sometimes even prior to graduating!).*

*While employment is not guaranteed, Rosedale Tech graduates are in high demand.

High Earning Potential

What are you worth?  At Rosedale Tech, our graduates control their success.  We provide the technical training that builds a foundation for entering the workforce, prepare students for industry certifications and qualifications, and connect students with employers seeking skilled technicians.  What they do with the training and networking opportunities is up to them.

The industries we train for can lead to good, high paying positions for graduates who put in the work. The network of employers we work with are eager to fill positions within their companies with skilled technicians.*  Many even offer some sort of tuition reimbursement, signing bonuses, or other benefits.

If you are looking to coast through a program with minimal effort, then Rosedale Tech is probably not the place for you.

*While employment is not guaranteed, Rosedale Tech graduates are in high demand.


Take Our Online Quiz to Help You Decide which Program is Right for You.


Do you think you have what it takes to become a member of the Rosedale family?  While trade schools typically have higher acceptance rates and less strict eligibility requirements than many colleges, that’s not the case for Rosedale Tech.  While we enroll year round, not everyone is accepted to the College.

We require a formal admissions process with high expectations for our students.  

After a tour of our campus, applicants will meet with an admissions representative. This allows the student to ask questions and find more out about life at Rosedale Tech.

From there, applicants must pass a recognized scholastic entrance exam and participate in a personal interview. Pending successful completion of the exam, interview, and other specific program requirements, they will be referred to the Director of Student Enrollment and Outreach for acceptance.

Shadow days and other events also offer prospective students the opportunity to experience a day in one of our programs and see what it is like being a student at Rosedale Tech.

Key characteristics that a Rosedale Tech student should have includes:

  • Strong work ethic and capable of problem-solving
  • Ability to work with their hands
  • Punctuality – shows up every day and on time with a positive attitude
  • Team-oriented – able to work with a small, diverse group of classmates


Does this sound like you?  Schedule a tour and learn more about the admissions process.


For more than 70 years, Rosedale Tech has been proactive in offering a pathway for students to go on and make a difference in their lives through the training and resources offered. Student feedback consistently proves that our students feel like part of the Rosedale family and are given the opportunity to learn in a friendly, family environment with instructors that genuinely care about their overall success.

Here are a few reasons students choose Rosedale Tech as their first choice trade school:

Hands-On Training

From Knowledgeable Instructors

More than 1,800
Regional Employers

Are Partners with Rosedale

Ranked 7th

for the best two-year graduation rates, 3rd among two-year non-profit schools

Ranked 11th

on Forbes’ Top 25 2-year trade schools in 2018

Ranked 7th

on the 2021-2022 Military Friendly® Top Ten School

Voted a Best Place to Work

by the Pittsburgh Business Times since 2010

Additionally, the curriculum is developed through employer feedback along with industry guidelines from ASE Education Foundation, NC3, iCAR certifications, and our membership of the American Welding Society.


Your success is of utmost importance to us. That’s why you may have the option to apply for a number of grants, scholarships, and loan options to help you pay for your education. In fact, most of our students receive financial support during their time at Rosedale.

To give insight into your financial investment in your education, use the price calculator in conjunction with our course catalog to estimate your cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board, and any other related expenses. And, when you’re ready, talk to a financial aid officer, and they will guide you through the application steps.

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Explore one of our options below to get to know our school and all that is available to you:

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Are you ready to take the next steps in your education?

If you’re ready to empower your future and be fully engaged with in-person skilled technical training, then it’s time to talk with an admissions representative about Rosedale Tech’s training programs and find the best fit for your interests and future goals. Contact us to request more information and schedule a tour to see the Rosedale Tech difference.

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