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Tired of feeling undervalued and unappreciated at work? Do you want to make a difference and have control over your career? You could, in fact, have both by learning a skill that can lead to an essential and rewarding career.

For some students, it is a love of cars and working with their hands that led them to Rosedale Tech. They knew from the beginning that they were going to be an automotive technician. While others got a late start when they weren’t happy in their white-collar careers and looking for a change that would allow them to have better control of their work-life balance and make a good living while helping others.

No matter where you are in life or your why, Rosedale Technical College’s automotive technology training may empower you to get to the life you want while helping keep our community moving and safe on the road.

With live, in-person training led by instructors with years of industry experience and the drive to help students succeed, this program is unlike any other. So, if you love cars or you want to learn a skill that can make you feel like a boss, our Automotive Technology program may be the choice for you. If you are ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career, contact us today.

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Rosedale Tech can offer through our live, in-person training geared towards helping students take charge of their future career head-on.

As an adult, you can turn that passion for cars into a career in automotive technology. And, the automotive technology program at the #1 Cochran TechEx Center inside Rosedale Technical College offers you the perfect opportunity to dive into this challenging and rewarding field. It can even prepare you to open up your own shop someday.

With hands-on training from leading industry experts, this program is unlike any other. Whether it’s learning about automotive repair and maintenance, engine performance, driveline functionality, or electrical systems, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this fast-growing industry. So if you love cars and are looking for a way to turn your passion into a fulfilling career path, our Automotive Technology program may be the one for you.

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If you’re looking for an “easy” job that requires little effort, then a career as an automotive technician may not be the right fit for you.  Working as an automotive service technician can be a fun and engaging career that can offer a challenge while investigating complex technical issues. It can also be a very rewarding career for individuals who show up and put in the work to excel in the trade.  Graduates of Rosedale Tech go on to work in a variety of positions and the training received can open up doors to many different pathways in the industry.

Some of the job duties of an automotive technician may include inspecting, maintaining, and repairing vehicles, while some technicians decide to use their knowledge in service writer positions, sales, or technical training, and management to name a few.  Some of our automotive graduates have even gone on to become world-renowned YouTube stars! A career as an automotive technician has evolved over the years, but continues to remain an essential career that makes a big impact on society. 

Do You Have the Desire to Be Your Own Boss?

Many Rosedale Tech graduates have even pursued the path to entrepreneurship and have opened their own automotive repair shops in the area. No experience?  No problem! Many students that attend Rosedale Tech have no technical experience when they start, but have left with the foundational knowledge needed to confidently enter the workforce as an automotive technician.

stat on mechanic job growth

Here are some employers our graduates have gone on to work for:

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What is the


The automotive industry isn’t just looking for mechanics to turn wrenches all day. There is a major need for skilled technicians because vehicles are becoming highly complex machinery that incorporates computers, hybrid systems, autonomous technology, and electrical engineering that requires more knowledgeable auto repair workers.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

for Automotive Service Technicians

There’s a rising auto technician shortage where shops can’t find enough qualified techs to meet this new demand for skilled labor. Every year there are about 69,000 job openings for qualified automotive technicians. In 2020, there were a total of 703,800 technicians employed. By 2030, the industry is expected to grow by 2,100 for a total of 705,900 technicians.

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Rosedale Tech works with a large network of employers that offer regional and national career opportunities that are eager to hire Rosedale Tech graduates. Many of these employers are proactive in connecting with Rosedale Tech students and visit the school throughout the year for classroom presentations, mock interviews, and bi-annual career fairs. For more information on the job outlook for an automotive technician, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Other qualifications of an automotive technician include:

  • Customer-service soft skills for talking with customers about their vehicle problems
  • Detail-oriented when inspecting and fixing intricate mechanical issues
  • Mechanical skills for assembling engines and working with automotive systems technology
  • Physical strength for lifting heavy automotive body parts
  • Troubleshooting skills for diagnosing and identifying issues with vehicles

Rosedale Tech works with students to equip them with the foundational skills and qualifications needed to begin their journey in the automotive industry.

Essential Qualifications for an Automotive Technician

Automotive shops prefer to hire employees with some post-secondary education. Most shops are especially interested in candidates having certifications and may offer a higher pay rate to employees with ASE certifications and inspection licenses.


I didn’t need another job, I needed a career. That is the reason I chose Rosedale, not only because it offered me a career but because auto repair was something I was very interested in.

Eric Cooke

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Graduates from our automotive technology training program have a base of knowledge needed to begin their careers in the automotive industry. In addition, our partnerships with employers and manufacturers allow us to provide a fully immersive learning experience with real-world scenarios.

Here are a Few Highlights of our Automotive Technology Program

Learn from Experienced Instructors

with ASE certifications and experience working in the field.  Our instructors apply real-world experience to their lessons in the classroom and labs and have a genuine interest in helping students succeed.

Prepare For Your Certifications

from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), PA State inspection, enhanced emissions inspection, and the opportunity to test for the Snap-on Multimeter Certification through the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3).

Work In-Person on Actual Equipment

inside the #1 Cochran TechEx Center to learn about the industry through hands-on experience in an automotive shop equipped with lifts, Snap-on diagnostic and repair equipment, and other equipment that may be found in a future place of employment.

Connect with a Multitude of Employers

for automotive employment opportunities.  Once their education journey begins, Rosedale Tech students have the opportunity to connect with a number of employers hiring for local, regional or national positions.


What is your reason for being here at this moment?  Are you looking for a career change?  Wanting to provide a better life for you and your family?  Looking to purchase a new house or a car?  Whatever it may be, our goal at Rosedale Tech is to help students find solutions for their life by finding a meaningful career.

When graduates complete the Automotive Technology program at Rosedale Tech, they receive an Associate in Specialized Technology degree or a diploma upon graduation.  In addition, they leave with the knowledge and confidence to enter the workforce and take charge of their lives.

Schedules to Fit Your Busy Life

One comment our graduates consistently make is that their time at Rosedale Tech flies by quickly.  Our programs can be completed in less than 2 years and are geared towards getting students trained quickly, but in enough time to lay the foundation needed to enter the workforce. In order to help facilitate a work-life balance, we offer a four-day school week. Daytime and evening programs are available in our automotive programs for those that wish to fit school in with their other daily obligations.

For more information about our daytime and evening programs, contact us.

Financial Aid Options

Financial aid is available to those who qualify. 

Many of our students qualify for some type of financial assistance. We offer a process that pairs accepted students with a financial aid coordinator to help customize a personalized financial aid plan that may include eligible grants, loans, and other awards. We will also assist with the application for federal financial aid.

We are proud to support members of the military community as they transition back to civilian life.  Our financial aid team includes members who are VA certified and can help military students navigate their military benefits for education.

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Don’t wait any longer to begin your journey at our automotive technology school.
Whether you become an automotive technician or go down another career path, Rosedale Technical College offers a variety of highly immersive trade school programs. Contact us today to talk with an admissions representative to find the best fit for your interests and life goals.

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