Here at Rosedale Technical College, we have a staff of experienced instructors who are ready to provide hands-on training to prepare you to successfully transition from military services to a successful career in the trades. With programs spanning a variety of industries, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests at our school.

A Guide to Trade Schools

Trade School for Veterans

Your service to our country doesn’t end when you take off your uniform.  The skills and discipline you received in the military are in high demand in the trade industries.  At Rosedale Tech, we understand the unique challenges that you face as you transition from military to civilian life, and we are dedicated to providing the training and support needed to transition into a career. Our VA-approved trade school offers a variety of programs that are designed to help graduates launch a successful career so that you can support yourself after a life of service. Our staff is committed to providing quality instruction and caring support, and we offer a variety of resources that are specifically designed for veterans. 

We are proud to be recognized as a military-friendly school, and we are dedicated to helping graduates find a career they love.

Why Should Veterans

Attend a Trade School?

There are millions of job opportunities in the trades where employers look for knowledgeable and certified employees. You learned valuable skills and disciplines in the military that are in high demand in the trade industries. Many employers will hire veterans for their leadership, integrity, teamwork, and other values combined with technical training.

Through trade school, students can complement those skills learned in the military with industry-specific training that can help seamlessly transition into civilian life with a career that has a high-earning potential and flexible job opportunities.

Why should you choose a trade school over a regular college? You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to succeed. According to one study, 16% of high school graduates, 23% of those with some college, and 28% of those with an associate’s degree have a higher salary than half of all workers with a bachelor’s degree. Trade school allows graduates to jump into the workforce sooner with less student debt.

Veteran Welding


Education statistics showed that about 44% of veterans received an associate’s degree or certification. Since most trade schools are approved by the VA and accept the GI Bill®, military students can use their tuition assistance to earn a degree or diploma in a rewarding job field.

Trade schools can offer one of the fastest transitions from military to a civilian career in typically in 2 years or less. As a veteran student, you already have a strong foundation of job-ready skills and knowledge you are bringing from the military that you can build upon.

What Makes Rosedale the Best Trade School for Veterans?

Integrating back into civilian life after active military duty comes with its own set of challenges.  At Rosedale Tech, we offer unrivaled support for veterans so that students can have a seamless transition into a civilian career.

Consider these four reasons to choose Rosedale Technical College:

We are a Veteran-Friendly College

Rosedale Technical College supports veterans and is proud to offer a safe and fostering environment for those transitioning from the military to civilian life. We have been receiving the Military Friendly designation since 2013. This year we were ranked among the top ten for 2021-2022.

Military Times Magazine recognized Rosedale Tech as the best for vets in 2014.

Our Programs Complement Your Military Skills

The training received at Rosedale Tech complements military training. In this way, our military students  can add to what they have already learned to deepen their career experience instead of starting from the ground up when transitioning to a civilian career. In addition, we provide unique hands-on training with highly trained and certified faculty (some that are military veterans themselves!) to teach students the latest industry standards in mechanical, technical, and HVAC fields.

Our Faculty and Staff Provide Veteran Support

You don't have to go through trade school alone. We understand how difficult the transition from military to civilian life can be. That is why we have a strong support system in place at Rosedale Tech that has our students’ backs every step of the way. About 20% of our faculty and staff are veterans and are ready to help when needed. Additionally, we have several VA-certified officials on staff who handle all questions and concerns that may come up about veteran benefits and more.

We Help You Transition to Civilian Life

We want to make the education process as seamless as possible for our military students while equipping them with the training and resources needed to begin a career in the trades. Our Student Success team connects our students to a network of employers to explore a number of career opportunities available. Even while in school, our four-day class schedules provide students the opportunity to work while in school if they choose to or balance other personal obligations.

We are a refreshingly different kind of college. Our dedication to our students’ success can be seen through the training and support we offer. We aren't here to just teach our students the trade skills. We also want to help them achieve their personal and professional goals as a veteran and person.


Our programs have a student-centric approach built around your needs, so you are fully prepared to enter the workforce. For example, our certified instructors work with small groups of students. In this way, each person gets a chance to receive help and perform hands-on projects with cutting-edge equipment and technology.

Take Our Online Quiz to Help You Decide which Program is Right for You.

Choose a Schedule that Fits Your Life

Rosedale Tech offers a four-day class schedule that can help accommodate different types of learners. Daytime and evening programs are available to offer options for individuals looking to juggle school with additional responsibilities, like a job or family obligations. Contact Us to learn more about the available programs during daytime and evening hours.


Our career services are ready to help students throughout their time in school with minimal hassle and stress. Some of our career services include helping to find part-time or full-time work while in school that support a student’s educational objectives, reviewing resumes and cover letters, preparing students for job interviews, and connecting students and alumni with regional employers.

Some of the ways our Student Success team connects students with employers include bi-annual career fairs, mock interviews, employer presentations, company field trips, and more.

We don’t guarantee a position, but we have a high rate of employed graduates – many of whom had received job offers before they graduated.


Our student life is unlike any experience you have ever had. We strive to provide the most supportive environment so that you can learn while also developing meaningful connections, especially with other veterans. We foster a learning environment through our computer labs, academic services coordinator, and intimate learning environments.

While we are based in Pittsburgh, we offer off-campus housing for our out-of-town students.


Rosedale Vets logo

Tech Vets

Tech Vets is Rosedale Tech’s Veterans Club. The organization is open to any students, faculty, and staff members that have served our country. Meetings occur every other month during lunch. Typically there is a guest speaker sharing information that will benefit Veterans.

When a meeting is scheduled, flyers are posted on classroom doors to alert the students and an announcement is made in the Monday morning announcements. A text message is also sent out to those signed up for the Rosedale text message service.

Career Outlook for the Trades

The trades need qualified, skilled workers in different industries, making it an ideal opportunity for graduates ready to begin their journey in a trade career. While the trades used to be more predominant, many workers shifted to soft-skill jobs after the U.S. looked outside of the country to fulfill manufacturing needs. However, more workers left trade jobs as there were job reductions, leaving a gaping need in the trade industry for more workers — and a massive opportunity for you.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the number of jobs in each field in 2020:

  • Automotive Service Technician: 703,800 jobs
  • Automotive Body and Glass Repairer: 173,400 jobs
  • Diesel Technician: 275,400 jobs
  • Electrical Engineer Technician: 117,00 jobs
  • HVAC Mechanic: 380,400 jobs
  • Welder: 418,200 jobs
  • Industrial technician: 64,100 jobs
  • CDL Driver: 1,951,600 jobs
I was a 19 Delta Calvary Scout in the U.S. Army active duty. The camaraderie translates well to what I did at Rosedale. Everybody looks out for each other, wants to help each other was a good time.
John N.

Veteran Financial Support and the GI Bill®

Trade school can oftentimes be more cost-efficient than attending a traditional four-year college. For example, while a four-year college costs $43,000 per year on average for an in-state public four-year college, the average cost of trade school is about $33,000 total and graduates may begin earning an income sooner due to a shorter program length.

Veteran benefits, such as the GI Bill®, and other financial assistance options, can offer tremendous financial assistance for military students.  A VA-certified financial aid officer works with military students to better understand their personal financial plan for funding school.

Our financial aid officers can help weed through the financial qualification process and understand what benefits a student is eligible to receive, along with an estimate of costs so there aren’t any financial surprises. Most of our students qualify for some type of financial aid and grants.

Does the VA Pay for Trade Schools?

The GI Bill isn’t just for traditional college – it is also for technical and trade schools like Rosedale Tech. Here are a few details about the bill to help you understand your eligibility. GI Bill programs differ, so it’s important to speak with one of our financial aid officers to get an exact estimate of your educational benefit eligibility.

As a general rule, military students will receive a larger GI Bill payment if attending college full time. Military students can receive up to $26,381.37 towards a trade school program.

Military students will receive their monthly VA payment depending on the length of their service and theirGI Bill program. Your eligibility will also depend on the 85/15 Rule. In this rule, a school must maintain a ratio where no more than 85% of their student population is receiving VA benefits. This rule prevents predatory school behaviors that target veterans.

Using the Post-9/11 GI Bill

The Post-9/11 GI Bill will usually cover tuition by paying the school directly and then provide a monthly housing allowance. However, if a military student attends a private school, could receive up to the full tuition or national maximum plus a stipend for school supplies.

Using the GI Bill for Multiple Degrees

The GI Bill is designed to help students earn a degree or diploma. However, students can use their benefits for classes at different schools if those classes are required and count towards a degree. Additionally, if GI Benefits aren’t used in the first degree, they may be eligible to use towards a second degree once the first degree is completed.

This option gives students the flexibility to receive training in several fields that can improve their marketability.

Other Potential Financial Grants and Awards

In addition to GI Bill benefits, veteran students may have the opportunity to receive some of our other grants and awards. These include:

  • PA State Grant
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • Student Educational Assistance Foundation Grant
  • Federal Direct Loan Program
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Workforce Investment Act
  • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Trade Readjustment Allowances
  • Pittsburgh Promise


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We are proud to support our military students and help them transition into the next phase of their lives alongside dozens of other veterans. However, you don't have to make the change alone. We will help you as you embark on a new career path in a rewarding industry in the trades.

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