Job-Ready Skills Needed for 21st Century Industries

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Do you Have the Job-Ready Skills?

Vocational training gets a lot of attention in high schools, but not enough people know that training for trade jobs goes far beyond that. The trades offer a stable career path for well-paying manufacturing jobs around the country.

The Myth of the College Track

A four-year college education isn’t required or suggested for every student, or for that matter, every career. Students who are interested in learning a trade like welding, electrical, diesel, or automotive technology can gain real-world experience in a vocational program in high school and then continue their education at a trade school like Rosedale Technical College. These are just a few of the reasons why our students want to become skilled technicians:

Job-Ready Skills

  • Varying Interests. There’s tens of thousands of occupations available, and a majority of them don’t require a college degree. Some students have an aptitude for a trade school in high school or beyond, but are often persuaded by parents or guidance counselors to pursue an undergraduate degree that doesn’t reflect their skills or interests. It’s important to get the word out about trade programs so that parents and students can see that there’s a real benefit to the hands-on career training you receive at a trade school.
  • Time. Students who enjoy working with their hands can become an in-demand, skilled workers in less than 18 months at a trade school. Over the past decade, four-year college degrees take even longer to complete because students can’t afford to pay what’s required within four years, even if they are taking out student loans to complete their education.
  • Money. College costs are soaring and get more expensive each year. Even “inexpensive” in-state schools can still top $30,000 for tuition alone in order to earn a degree. This doesn’t even factor in books, fees, food, and housing. At a trade school, you spend much less to learn a rewarding career, under the guidance of experienced instructors, in state-of-the-art facilities. You get much more for your money in the form of a stable, lucrative job and transferrable skills that will be marketable for decades to come.

Plus, many college graduates are struggling to find jobs now. For those who attend a trade school, however, the jobs are there. A great majority of Rosedale Tech’s students are employed either before completing their program or shortly after.

Trade schools fill a need that can’t be met by traditional colleges and universities. There is a serious skills gap that must be bridged in order for the United States to remain competitive in the manufacturing, energy, construction, and trade sectors. Call Rosedale Technical College today to learn more and schedule a tour.

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