The number of women working as skilled workers is growing every day and Rosedale is training future women in the trades.


There’s a lot to think about as you prepare for not just a job, but a lifelong career. As a female on her way out of high school, people might mention careers like nursing, teaching, or caretaking, all of which are amazing career choices. However, there is a world of opportunity that women are not always expected to develop an interest in, and as a result, they don’t realize that skilled trades jobs are an option.

As gender roles are shifting, more and more women are considering a technical education. And, better yet, there is an increasing need (and opportunity!) for skilled workers, like plumbers, welders, electricians, and mechanics. Women only make up about 3% of the skilled trade jobs in the US.  It’s no secret that there’s a demand for skilled workers, and because of this more and more employers are seeking out women to fill these job openings.

What is a Skilled Trade?

Jobs in skilled trades require specialized skills, abilities, and knowledge that are learned through specialized training in trade schools or technical schools, like Rosedale Technical College. There are many diverse career opportunities in skilled trades that typically fall under three categories: industrial skilled trades, construction skilled trades, and service skilled trades.

Choosing to pursue a career in a skilled trade is an excellent option that doesn’t require as much schooling, but can lead to a high-demand job that pays well.  Less time in school also means less student loan debt. Upon completion of a skilled trade, graduates have received hands-on training and knowledge needed to be industry-ready to enter a workforce that is hungry for workers with specialized skills. Career opportunities in skilled trades vary from industry to industry and depend on the marketable skills obtained through training from top trade schools.

While the trades Rosedale Tech trains for typically are sought after by male students, there is a high demand for women to enter the nontraditional workforce. For service positions, such as an electrician or an HVAC technician, some customers actually feel more comfortable with a female technician performing work in their homes. These jobs are imperative to the smooth functioning of society, and without skilled individuals, we would have a lot of big problems on our hands. You don’t have to sit in an office all day. You don’t have to work a job you don’t care about, or one that feels meaningless. You can do something that counts.



Whether looking for a first-time career or a new career, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the career options and training opportunities a skilled trade can offer prior to signing up. What does the day-to-day look like? How much will you have to travel? What are the averages for hours worked? At Rosedale Tech, there are plenty of options to learn more about the different trades and which program may be right for you.

While there is a high demand for skilled women in the trades, they aren’t for everyone.  An aspiring tradesperson must have the determination to show up on time and be ready to put in the effort to complete the task at hand.  They must have the ability to take on a challenge and adapt when necessary.  While certain jobs might include a traditional office environment, tradespeople aren’t typically sitting in an office all day in front of a computer.  Most trades jobs require work to be done in-person and not from a remote location.  If these characteristics sound appealing, then it might be time to look into a career in the trades.

We’ve created a College Checklist that includes a number of great questions to ask on a college tour and provides a good comparison for schools you are visiting.

Women in The Trades Wednesdays

For those individuals interested in exploring a career in the trades, we offer an annual Women in the Trades event. These scheduled events (typically scheduled out on select Wednesdays in the month of March) are structured to provide individuals of all ages with a fun and educational experience exploring various career opportunities in STEM-related fields.

During the day, participants will be paired with current Rosedale Tech students and experience a day at Rosedale Tech in one (or multiple) trade programs.  As part of the event, participants will also have an opportunity to engage with some regional employers, trade professionals, and Rosedale Tech alumni to learn about career opportunities in the trades and how Rosedale Tech can help prepare them for their future.

Tours of Rosedale Tech’s campus are also available to any interested participant. Individuals who participate in one of our Women Wednesdays will be eligible to apply for our Women in the Trades Grant.

There is no cost to register. Check back for registration in 2024. 

*Women in the Trades Wednesdays are open to any interested person regardless of gender. Rosedale Technical College is a non-profit Equal Opportunity Educational Institution and Employer, ACCSC Accredited Institution and ASE Education Foundation Certified.


And, as a female aspiring to train for a career in a nontraditional field, you may be eligible to receive funding from the Women in the Trades Grant.

Women enrolling within the time horizon will be eligible for a $2,000 grant paid over the 4 semesters required to complete the degree program. Grant would be applied to tuition evenly over the 4 semesters in attendance at Rosedale Technical College.

The eligible candidate must have attended Rosedale Technical College’s Women in the Trades event or participate in a shadow day.

Additional requirements must be met to be eligible for the Women in the Trades grant program.


There are other opportunities that Rosedale offers future women in trades to explore the different trade programs:

Shadow a Student at Rosedale as they attend class for an inside look at how a typical day might play out.

Attend a High School Field Trip to Rosedale Technical college to experience hands-on demonstrations, tours, and presentations.

Join Us for an Open House either in person or virtually to explore our programs, meet instructors, see the school, and learn about the financial aid process.

Take Our Online Quiz to help you decide which program is right for you.

The best way to choose the right trade is to be honest with yourself, and keep an open mind. Don’t jump ahead and assume that something will not be a good fit until you truly explore it. It’s difficult for women to explore the trades sometimes, only because people don’t have as large of a pool of info to pull from. It’s true: there are fewer women in the trades than men, so there’s less available information.


Once a student has made the decision to pursue a trade and enroll at Rosedale Tech, the support continues through their education.  As a way to connect students throughout their time at Rosedale Tech, we organized a female club, known as the Rosedale Riveters.

The Rosedale Riveters meet regularly to connect with each other, discuss accomplishments and challenges they are facing, and hear from guest speakers that may include employers discussing career opportunities, or other business professionals that may cover topics, such as personal finances, retirement plans, interview preparation, and more.

Three women welding

Which Trades are Most In Demand?

If your priorities lie in job security, you are not alone. The trades have been and continue to be essential careers and continue to be in high demand, especially as the older generations continue to leave the workforce and move on to retirement.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the number of jobs in each field in 2020:

  • Automotive Service Technician: 703,800 jobs
  • Automotive Body and Glass Repairer: 173,400 jobs
  • Diesel Technician: 275,400 jobs
  • Electrical Engineer Technician: 117,00 jobs
  • HVAC Mechanic: 380,400 jobs
  • Welder: 418,200 jobs
  • Industrial technician: 64,100 jobs
  • CDL Driver: 1,951,600 jobs

Experience the


Are you ready to take the next steps in your education?

At Rosedale Technical College, we applaud you for making the decision to explore a career in the trades and want to support you as you transition into your next steps of advanced education. Our admissions process is straightforward and helps provide the information and support needed to get started. Contact us to request more information and schedule a tour to see the Rosedale difference.

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