Rosedale Tech Women in the Trades: Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie Deal

Rosedale Tech alumna Stephanie Deal rewrote the history books during her time at the technical college. In 2010, Stephanie became the first female to graduate from the Electrical Technology program at Rosedale Tech. She didn’t know the magnitude and impact her graduation would have on the future of women in the trades. Stephanie was Rosedale Tech’s pioneer to encourage more women to pursue the trades, and it is amazing to think how far the college and profession has grown for women since.

Dedicated to her craft, Stephanie worked hard to achieve her dream career, one that would not have been possible without Rosedale Tech. Rosedale Tech provided Stephanie with a hands-on curriculum that offered opportunities that brought her closer to reaching her goals. Stephanie used the skills and knowledge she gained during her time as a trades student and applied it throughout her illustrious career in the trades.

With more than a decade’s worth of professional experience, Stephanie has owned a painting and electrical design business as well as worked as an engineering technician for Sears, Westinghouse in Siemens. Currently, Stephanie is the Production Supervisor at Carnegie Robotics in Lawrenceville. What attracted her to applying to Carnegie Robotics is the great opportunities for growth the company offered.

This passion and determination to succeed in the trades helped her land an interview in 2019 and has been working and growing with the company ever since. In her three years working at Carnegie Robotics, Stephanie has earned and received two job promotions. Working for a highly regarded and reputable employer, Stephanie recognizes how fortunate she is and how hard she has worked to land a position with the team.

When she’s not working hard at her day job, Stephanie enjoys outdoor activities and improving the home she shares with her fiancé, Lisa, and their two golden-doodles, Benny and Bear.

And for those of you inspired by Stephanie’s story, here are some words of encouragement and inspiration from the alumna herself: “I would highly recommend a career in the trades. There are so many possibilities to put your education to good use,” said Stephanie.

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