Changing Lanes: 10 Things to Consider When Transferring to Another Post-Secondary

Transferring to another post-secondary school can be an exciting and challenging decision. Whether you’re changing schools due to academic, personal, or career reasons, it’s important to approach this transition with careful planning and consideration.  Deciding to transfer can be an emotional time, but know that you are not alone.  A recent article states that over […]

Transferring to another post-secondary school can be an exciting and challenging decision. Whether you’re changing schools due to academic, personal, or career reasons, it’s important to approach this transition with careful planning and consideration.  Deciding to transfer can be an emotional time, but know that you are not alone.  A recent article states that over one-third of students change schools before earning their degree.

Whether you are planning to transfer from one four-year institution to another or perhaps to a trade school, like Rosedale Technical College, there are many things to consider before making the final decision.  To help you navigate this process, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things to discuss when exploring other schools.

1. Academic Compatibility:

One of the primary factors to consider is whether the new school offers academic programs or majors that align with your educational and career goals. Research the available majors, course offerings, and faculty expertise to ensure that the transfer will not hinder your academic progress.  At Rosedale Tech, we offer training programs for eight occupations that can provide a foundation of skills for a life-long career path.  These occupational paths include automotive, collision repair, construction electricity, diesel, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), industrial electricity, truck driving (CDL training), and welding.

2. Transfer Policies and Credits:

Every institution has its transfer policies. Some schools have established transfer agreements with specific colleges, while others may not. Contact the admissions office at your prospective school to discuss the transfer process and understand how your existing credits will transfer. This step is crucial to ensure you won’t lose valuable credits.

3. Financial Considerations:

Changing schools can have financial implications. It’s essential to evaluate the cost of tuition, fees, and any changes to your financial aid or scholarships. Rosedale Technical College’s financial aid team is equipped and ready to discuss how your financial aid might be impacted by transferring and will work with you to create a personalized financial plan to keep the cost of your education as affordable as possible.  They will do this by researching financial aid options, such as loans, third-party grants, institutional grants, and other internal and external scholarship opportunities.*

One grant opportunity that may be available to a transfer student is Rosedale Tech’s Changing Lanes grant, which is worth up to $4,000.

In addition to financial aid, students can work with Rosedale Tech’s Student Success Center to find career-relevant, full-time or part-time employment opportunities that are flexible with school hours.

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

4. Location and Campus Culture:

Think about the location and campus culture of the new school. Do you prefer a bustling city campus or a quieter suburban setting? Consider factors like climate, proximity to home, and extracurricular opportunities. Visit the campus if possible to get a feel for the environment.  Rosedale Technical College is one of those schools that you’ve got to see to fully experience the excitement and culture of the College.  Make sure to schedule a tour to see the facilities and learn as much as you can by seeing the school and asking good questions.

5. Housing Options:

If you are planning to live on campus, research the housing options available at your prospective school. Consider factors such as cost, roommates, and amenities. If you plan to live off-campus, investigate housing affordability and availability in the area.  Rosedale Tech has preferred housing partners we can connect students with if they are eligible.  Speak with an admissions representative to learn more about Rosedale Tech’s housing opportunity.

6. Student Support Services:

 If you are looking to transfer, ensure the new school offers the support services you need, such as academic advising, career counseling, and tutoring. These services can greatly impact your overall college experience and academic success.  Rosedale Tech’s Student Success Team is geared towards providing academic and career services to ensure your education experience helps guide you to the future you want.  An academic services counselor is on staff to help monitor grades and attendance, provide tutoring support if needed, and ensure you remain on track for graduation. In addition, the Student Success Team organizes various employer engagement opportunities to offer networking opportunities between students and employers.  These opportunities include, but are not limited to employer presentations, field trips, mock interviews, and on-campus career fairs.

We also understand that things come up throughout the education journey and offer third-party counseling services that can offer the necessary resources needed to help resolve your specific matter.

7. Graduation Requirements:

Understand the graduation requirements at your prospective school. Ensure that you will be able to meet these requirements within your desired timeframe. It’s essential to stay on track with your academic progress.  A member of Rosedale Tech’s Student Success team can speak with you to discuss your projected graduation path.

8. Transcript and Application Requirements:

Review the application process and transcript requirements for transferring. This may include submitting high school transcripts, college transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essays. Make sure you meet all the application deadlines and provide all necessary documentation.

9. Deadlines and Application Timeline:

Be aware of application deadlines for the new school. Transferring can sometimes involve a different timeline than regular admissions. Missing deadlines can be a major setback, so stay organized and plan accordingly.  At Rosedale Tech, classes run year-round, with new classes starting approximately every two months.  Contact a member of the admissions team to see when the next class start is to ensure you can get started as soon as possible.

10. Keep Records and Documentation:

Maintain copies of all academic records, financial aid documents, and correspondence related to your transfer. This will help ensure a smooth transition and address any issues that may arise.

Transferring to another post-secondary school can be a transformative experience that opens new doors for your education and future career. Determining your next step is a big decision to make and ultimately you need to do what makes sense for you and your future.  Make sure to approach the transfer process with a positive and open mindset. Embrace the opportunity to explore new academic and personal horizons.  If you are considering Rosedale Technical College as your next stop on your education journey, we welcome you to schedule a tour and learn how the College can help you achieve the life you want.

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