Rosedale Technical College’s Educational Expertise Recognized with Pittsburgh’s 2021 Best Places to Work Nomination

As the holiday season ramps up and 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to celebrate the success and accolades Rosedale Technical College has received this year! While this year has looked different for many reasons, the experienced team and hardworking students of Rosedale Tech never lost sight of their goals when faced with adversity and unprecedented times. In fact, Rosedale Tech has adapted tremendously to the ever-changing world we currently live in, leading to an enrollment increase of roughly 16 percent and continually getting nominated for Best Places to Work in Pittsburgh.

Not only is enrollment increasing, but so is our graduation rates! Earning a graduation rate of nearly 80 percent, Rosedale Technical College ranks 7th in the nation among more than 1,000 two-year colleges by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Rosedale Tech Nominated for Best Places to Work in Pittsburgh

Most notable and recent of Rosedale Tech’s yearly achievements is the college’s nomination to the Pittsburgh Business Times 2021 Best Places to Work list. This past November, Rosedale Tech earned its twelfth consecutive spot to the honoree list which highlights 75 of the best Pittsburgh workplaces for the year.

The distinction follows as a result of Rosedale Tech expert team of individuals committed to delivering the best in education and training programs for aspiring trade professionals. The nomination reflects the technical college’s COVID-19 response in which Rosedale Tech instilled safety protocols to continue in-person training, and the college was able to retain all of its experienced staff without any layoffs or terminations.

Since 2010, Rosedale Tech has become a regular on the Pittsburgh Business Times’ Best Places to Work list. Over their 12-year nominated tenure, the technical college has ranked first in its business size category for four years in a row. Rosedale Tech’s 2021 nomination falls within the ‘Large Category’ which includes Pittsburgh businesses with 50-149 employees. Official rankings and winners will be announced at an awards ceremony early next year.

The 2021 Best Places to Work recognition encapsulates the Rosedale Tech team’s continued dedication and success, especially in unprecedented times, led by President Dennis Wilke. Driven by the mission, vision and values of Rosedale Tech, Wilke fosters an environment of passionate, talented professionals who collaborate to continuously improve every day in the pursuit of excellent service to students, employers and the community. President Wilke was most recently recognized as a 2021 Smart 50 Pittsburgh Honoree for his outstanding leadership efforts in a virtual ceremony on Thursday, November 18.

“It’s truly an honor to have Rosedale Tech’s name next to so many distinguished, hardworking Pittsburgh businesses.” said Rosedale Tech President Dennis Wilke. “When you have such a passion and spark for educating the future of our trades industries, it doesn’t feel like work. We genuinely love what we do here at Rosedale Tech, and it’s amazing to see that others believe in the work and success we are creating.”

The enrollment increases and the Best Places to Work nomination would not have been made possible without the support of our Rosedale Tech family and the Pittsburgh community. What a time for aspiring trades professionals! Here’s to a new year achieving greater success and inspiring the next generations of the trade industries.

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