Rosedale Tech Holds Successful Trades Career Fair with Actively Hiring Employers

On Thursday, September 30, over 200 employers were welcomed to Rosedale Tech’s trades career fair. The morning’s events allowed students and aspiring trades professionals to connect with employers and discover a career in the trades, having a unique opportunity to network with colleagues and a wide variety of potential employers looking to fill well over 338 positions!

This event simply embodies the quality and personalization that Rosedale Tech offers as a trade school. With more than 200 employers present, it showcases the partnerships that Rosedale has established within the industry and the opportunities that it can provide its students and prospective students.

Although a trades career fair of this magnitude may not be a regular event for Rosedale Tech, helping students connect with potential employers is! Rosedale Tech is continually offering opportunities for students to connect with potential employers.

Massive Hiring Opportunities at Trades Career Fair As Industry Demands Grow

As the industry’s demand to immediately hire grows, the trades career fair at Rosedale Tech provided professionals with the exclusive opportunity to meet employers and secure job interviews for careers across the following specialties: automotive, collision repair, diesel, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), industrial technician, truck driving and welding.

Confirmed employers attending the trades career fair include Port Authority of Allegheny County, Bobby Rahal Automotive Group, and Carnegie Robotics among others. As the industry’s demand to immediately hire grows, attendees have the unique opportunity to network with some of the Pittsburgh region’s top employers and secure job interviews for careers across the following specialties: automotive, collision repair, diesel, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), industrial technician, truck driving and welding

The current landscape of the trades industry yearns for new, skilled talent for its workforce. That is where Rosedale Tech comes in. Whether you are Rosedale Tech alumni, a current student, or an aspiring trades professional, employers are looking to put people to work. Rosedale Tech wants to fulfill the industry’s needs by offering educational training programs at Rosedale Tech that prepare students with the proper experience, knowledge, and training to confidently enter the trade workforce. Rosedale Tech’s trades career fair bridged new talent with some of Pittsburgh’s greatest employers within the trades industry, establishing the makings of a new generation for the trades workforce.

Exclusive Experience for Students at Trades Career Fair

The Rosedale Tech trades career fair worked in favor of the industry’s need, bridging together young talent with some of Pittsburgh’s greatest employers within the trades industry. Beyond helping employers fill open positions, this was also a networking event for anyone who took advantage of the opportunity that Rosedale Tech provided. This year’s event was more than a trades career fair and ultimately created that initial point of contact for many aspiring trades professionals to build a relationship with potential employers. Students could additionally use this as a networking event, allowing them to create and foster relationships for future opportunities.

One student said that they met with over 30 employers at Rosedale Tech, which would not have been possible without the trades career fair. With many attending employers currently seeking new trade workers, trades career fair attendees had the chance to dive right into the hiring process. Pep Boys and Rudd Equipment are just two of the employers who exchanged information and began the application process with more than 35 Rosedale Tech students.

Among the feedback for Rosedale Tech’s trades career fair included:

“I found this career fair to be extremely beneficial.” – trades career fair attendee

“Very well-orchestrated, staff was very helpful and welcoming.” – trades career fair employer

“Excellent preparation for the students in realizing the opportunities at the event.” – trades career fair employer

“Our team was able to speak with many students that we feel can bring top talent to our organization upon graduation” -trades career fair employer

Professional Opportunities Available for Anyone Balancing Both a Career in the Trades and Auto Mechanic School

A question Rosedale Tech is often asked is how someone can balance classes if they accept a job in the trades right away or are already working.

The technical college’s curriculum provides students with hands-on training programs that will help place skilled workers in fulfilling, valued careers while aligning with the needs of employers and the industry. So, in addition, Rosedale Tech offers options to anyone who is looking to enter the workforce now but wants to gain the additional training and education to help continue to further their career. This includes night classes and recent changes to the Rosedale Tech’s daytime schedule that now consists of a four-day week as an opportunity to give students an extra day to work.

So, Rosedale Tech’s specialized, unique curriculum and programs offer students the flexibility and freedom to enroll in classes when and where it fits into their busy schedules. For example, Rosedale Tech’s night class program allows students to balance a full-time job in their desired trade and earn their diploma at the same time. Additionally, by providing a four-day workweek, students have another day to provide employers when balancing school and their careers. For more information on Rosedale’s Tech programs, click here.

With a high career placement rate, current Rosedale Tech students and graduates can expect quality training and experiences that employers are searching for. The success and growth of the trades industry’s youngest professionals don’t stop at the trades career fair. Contact us today and let Rosedale Tech prepare you for a career in the trades industry today!

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