Unleash Your Future With Night Classes at Rosedale Tech

Have you thought about attending nighttime classes? Rosedale Technical College might have a program fit for you.
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If you have always wanted to build a career in the technical industry but haven’t felt like you could fit it into your schedule, Rosedale Tech may have the answer.

Our night classes could be just what you need to blend your life, your responsibilities, and your dreams and turn them into an amazing future.

Which Programs Are Available?

We have many different technical programs available at Rosedale Technical College, both in our daytime track and our night programs.

We are proud to offer many different options to our night program students.

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What Are The Benefits of Night Classes?

You may have recently decided to pursue a career in the technical industry, or a future in automotive, electrical, collision repair, diesel tech, or welding may have been a long time goal. No matter how long you’ve had the itch, or what has been keeping you away, there are many ways that night classes can help you defeat roadblocks and reach your dreams of building a new career.

Fits With Your Life

No matter how excited you are to begin your training in your chosen technical field, your life and responsibilities may not be quite ready for you to just throw yourself in head first. Family, children, a budding relationship, or responsibilities at home could be creating strain on your time or make it difficult to feel like you can begin school.

Part of your responsibilities may include working a full or part-time job alongside being there for friends or family. One of the benefits of night classes is that the schedule could help open up the time you need to meet all your responsibilities and still pursue your career.

Room to Grow

At Rosedale Technical College, you can do more than grow the knowledge you need for your new career, you can grow in your personal strengths and accomplishments. Give yourself the fuel you need for all this learning and growth by spending time with friends and family or participating in your favorite outings and events.

These things may seem like impossibilities when going to school full time, but with the night class schedules you may find that you have more time to do all the things you love.

School can be hard work, no matter what the schedule. Make sure you are prepared, and find a schedule that works with you and your commitments.

The Education You Want, In a Schedule The Works

The night classes at Rosedale Technical College were created so that everyone could empower themselves to change their future. No matter what has kept you from a new career in the past, it no longer has to be a roadblock.

The program options and scheduling available at Rosedale Tech could unlock a whole new you. Contact us today to discover all the options available to you and what you need to do to take your first step.

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Rosedale Tech is a nonprofit Equal Opportunity Educational Institution and Employer, ACCSC Accredited Institution, and ASEEF Certified. Gainful Employment disclosure information is available at www.rosedaletech.edu.

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