Reaccreditation Process Provides Quality Assurance

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What do you Know About the Reaccreditation Process

Rosedale Technical College recently started the process to be reaccredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

Every five years, the process seeks to assess and enhance the educational quality of an institution, ensure consistency in institutional operations, promote self-evaluation and institutional improvement and provide for public accountability within a peer-review framework.

Rosedale believes the reaccreditation process acts as a yardstick for their programs and processes. Certain components of the College are compared to benchmark rates so that the administration knows if it should be working towards improvement in certain areas, or if it meets or exceeds acceptable rates. It’s a critical part of delivering quality assurance to not only the students of Rosedale, but also the community hire our graduates.


Enhancing Rosedale’s Education Quality

The ACCSC collects information from career schools and colleges on Standards of Accreditation, including:

  • Management and Administrative Operations
  • Educational Administration and Faculty Qualifications
  • Requirements for Residential and Distance Education Programs
  • Admissions Policies and Practices
  • Student Recruiting and Advertising
  • Student Achievement
  • Student Services
  • Schools and colleges involved in the reaccreditation process agree to comply with these standards. They first must complete an application, list their education objectives, and provide information that is used to measure their adherence with the standards.

An on-site review will then take place that gives the ACCSC reaccrediting committee the opportunity to visit, see changes and improvements to the college and its programs, and talk to faculty, staff, administration and students. Following the on-site review, the ACCSC will then put its findings in a Team Summary Report, and the school can respond. The commission will then decide if the school will be accredited or reaccredited.

“The accreditation process is a great way for us to make sure we are serving our students properly across all departments. The self-evaluation will be a team effort, and we are looking forward to showing off our college during the team visit,” says Rosedale Technical College President Dennis Wilke.

The process should be finished in November.

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